Swedish Daily News 10/16/2010 - Gossip to Keep Wall Street Clean - English Translation

On a number of New York's cinemas directed commercials before the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps directly to the finance world whistle-blowers. The message is that whoever is in possession of information about cheating and arc on Wall Street get rich. Helps you to reveal a financial bugbear are millions of dollars to earn.
Tempting numbers and website are presented neatly on the big screen.

-In order to access financial criminals, we use the best carrot is on Wall Street: Money, says Stuart Meissner, a lawyer in Manhattan, which is behind the commercial.

Even now, he has reaped almost 40 tips for financial crimes and submitted five reports to the SEC, U.S. Treasury inspection. All five deals with fraud involving more than one million dollars, "he says. "I am shocked at the impact of advertising is received," said Meissner. This shows that Gordon Gekko famous quotes Greed is good can be used as a positive force.

After the financial crisis, the Obama government has cracked down on Wall Street. The new finance law which is the most comprehensive reform since the 1930s - and includes a unique protection for Wall Street whistleblowers. To access graft and crooked dealings with banks, brokers and listed companies provide U.S. Securities, SEC, informants anonymity and also rich rewards. The coming of information on insider trading, manipulation of shares, false information about financial products or shadowy conflicts of interest can be rich.

All tips leading to the Securities and can give companies more than a million in fines or other forms of financial penalties provide tipster 10-30 percent of the reward. "This reform had been able to protect us from all over the financial crisis, if it had only been in use before," said Stuart Meissner.

He has previously worked with whistleblowers in the department of financial crimes in New York City prosecutor says that the new law provides tips incentives to gossip. It has not existed before, "he says. To demand that someone on Wall Street to gossip and put his career on the line without getting anything in return, is asking too much, he thinks. Earlier this year, accused the investment bank Goldman Sachs to fraud and in a settlement paid to the Financial Supervision $ 550,000,000. If there had been a whistleblower who leaked information, he would have been rewarded with up 165 million U.S. dollars in the new law. On Wall Street complaining about some of the new regime. One blogger writes that there is a risk to the business district turned to the old Soviet Union where people give each other. Moreover, he calls Meissner for a crappy boot to a lawyer.

Hill Creek More on broker Perdiue Securities in New York believe that the law is a good idea but believes there is a risk that the abused. -If any of my employees are not happy with his bonus, he may gossip about fictional crimes just to cause trouble, "he sighs. "Sometimes I get why someone wants to work on Wall Street anymore. Everything that goes to make money seems to be illegal. Stuart Meissner says he is confident that his reports to the Securities and lead to financial penalties for several banks and brokerage firms. Bank of America Investments is one of them, "he says.